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Shahrokh and I met on your web site. He is from UK and I was living in US. We engaged a year after we met even though he was far away. and it's been 1 year that we are happily married. I was so lucky to met him; he is the love of my life. Thank you for providing this opportunity for us to meet.

Persian Iranian Wedding
— Parisa & Shahrokh
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Loved By Young Iranians

Young Iranian singles often have a hard time connecting with potential dates through friends and family. This is especially true outside of Iran itself, where the local Iranian population may be small, and loved ones might have just one or two special someones in mind for them - even if the two being set up have no interest in each other...

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Iranians Living Abroad

Are you an Iranian who has been looking for other Iranian singles to date? If you don't live in Iran, this can be tricky...

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Persian Singles In Your Area

Persians today live in Europe, North America, and everywhere throughout the globe, there aren't always many of them in a given community...

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Mature Iranians

Older singles often have a harder time than most finding their way around the Iranian dating landscape. The club and bar scene may not really be for you anymore, and friends and family may not have as many ideas for fixing you up with likely matches...

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What are some of the features will I have?

These are some of the features that we offer you out of the box

Advanced Search Photo Upload Live Chat Messaging Visibility Block List Profile Creation Username Change Favorite List Weekly Match Visitor List View Notification Email Notification Change Subscription Plans Subscription Cancellation Subscription Resumption Subscription Invoicing Credit Card Update Basic Search Live Search Map View Account Deletion and more...

How to get free one month subscription coupon?

Get one month free subscription when you recommend us to your friends and if they subscribe to any of our plans. Simply tell your friends to send us your username or email address you entered when with the subject Subscription Offer and we will email your offer asap!

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Here are some plans price.

Joining us is easy, and is a pretty good decision. You can join us free and subscribe later and also cancel at any time. It's not direct debit and there is no contract.


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If I join, can I message everyone and boost up my profile?

Yes! And that means every features on the site. You will have powers like super administrators in this website, we will help you to find your dream partner only if you really want. It's up to you to use these features to find a perfect match. We will add more features day by day and you should know the older you are in the site, the cheaper your plans will remain, because prices are subject to change only for new users.

Do you offer discounts?

Time to time we offer coupons and discounts with expiry code and number of usage. Join us free and we will email you coupons if any. These times usually are Valentines Dat, Christmas Day, Nowruz days and so on. Join us on Twitter Persianwoo for more information.

Can I cancel at any time? subscriptions renew, every intervals like every month or every three months and so on. But, of course you can cancel at any point. Seriously — it's not like the mobile phone contract. Visit your settings page, click "Cancel," and done.

Can I change my subscription plan later?

Yes Of course! In your setting tab, you have ability to change your subscription plan, apply coupons, update credit card details, cancel or resume subscription and so on. So are you going to buy me a lunch or not?

Naah! You're like other Persian dating sites?

Nope! Absolutely not! We are the most modern, most affordable, highest quality, fastest and greatest dating websites for Iranians created by Iranians for Iranians!